I led the team that imagined how Gen AI would come to life in ServiceNow's product experiences. We did rapid concepting and iterations and ultimately create five unique vision concepts that were presented at ServiceNow's Knowledge and Financial Analyst Days in May 2023.
We first reimagined the development experience, modernizing both the UX and the UI of our developer tools, and injecting new workflows based on Gen AI.
We reimagined what an end user — in this case, an employee — could do using a unified search experience on their company portal. These experiences would speed their time-to-answer, but also result in an increase in self-service to reduce manual agent tasks.

We reimagined the agent experience, by using GenAI to summarize chats, activities, case summaries, and resolution notes. This would free up agents from manual, repetitive tasks so they can focus on more strategic support tasks.
We reimagined an administrator's experience, with GenAI tools that make it easier to run automated testing, with clearer visualization of how these processes are rolling out.
We also reimagined core platform technologist experiences, imagining how GenAI could help a process manager uncover, diagnose, and solve complex process optimizations.