Adobe Summit 2020

Adobe Summit is a celebration of experience makers. Due to COVID-19, the event pivoted from a physical + online event to digital-only. Here is a recap of explorations of event identity system and a small samples of work that would have been part of physical event experience. 

Exploration of an abstract landscape with 4 distinctive patterns to be used as part of event visual system
Behance artist: Sam Chivers

Exploration of landscape pattern in marks​​​​​​​

Patterns spilling out from Summit mark

Animation and motion explorations of marks with pattern
Agency: DBLG LDN

Email and social promo

Event badge and directional signage​​​​​​​

Exploration of showcasing experience makers (and Behance artists) through custom portraits
Behance artists: Germán Gonzalez and Ricky Linn

* * *

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