Adobe Summit: The Digital Marketing Conference
2017 Visual Experience

This year we reached out to a small select of artists and provided them with the same project parameters. We're delighted by the end results of the SUMMIT logo in their own distinctive style. Progress and explorations for each are shown below, along with a small samples of how these creatives were used for the overall event experience, both digital and print. Each creative is time to a promo release on the event web site leading up to the event date. On-site each creative was used to delineate a zone.

Bottom left: Ari Weinkle (animated version: - Top right: Nick Liefhebber - Bottom right: Sergey Shchapov

Explorations to final artwork of Ari Weinkle

Explorations to final artwork of Sergey Shchapov

Explorations to final artwork of Nick Liefhebber


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