For the tenth year in a row, I lead creative direction for Adobe Summit: The Digital Marketing Conference. Each year we pick a new theme, and this year, we built on the previous year's theme of marketing reinvention. Having started that campaign in 2014, we thought it made sense to continue that storyline with the line "Reinvention is a journey. Start yours at Summit." To represent that, my team and I came up with the idea of a topographical view of landscapes. We again tapped our friends at Vasava to help us bring these illustrations life. Here are just a few of the samples of how the artwork came to life for different regions.
If you're interested in the full story, you can read it on my blog.
Behind the scenes at Vasva's shop in Barcelona. These weren't just renders of paper-looking landscapes — they actually were paper.
Examples of how my team went thru the color proofing process and how we visualized the environmental and digital branding.
Examples of other city artwork.
Examples of other city artwork.
To tie the event's booth imagery to our newly launched brand imagery, we combined the icon Marketing Cloud icon with the watercolor environment.
Print layout specs for the booth experience at the event.
Samples from the guidelines we created and distributed to all of the various vendors supporting the event.
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