Adobe Summit: The Digital Marketing Conference
2016 visual branding
For 2016, Adobe Summit focused on "Experience" as the overall theme of the event. We curated an amazing collection of creatives from four artists for the event identity system. Digital assets were refreshed monthly leading up to the event. While on-site, each creative was used to delineate a zone. (i.e. breakout sessions, community pavilion, general sesssion/keynote, customer briefing center...etc) Here is a sampling of how the creatives were used.
From left to right: Retoka - Client Error - K456, 2001-2010Danny Ivan - Weird SurfaceJoshua Davis - 3D Grid Noise
Full column wrap in Sands Expo foyer
Directional signage for breakout sessions
Projection mapping onto 8 ft tall Summit logo on keynote stage
Community Pavilion entrance banner

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